As the principal, Susan Friedman has over 30 years of advertising
experience. Handling primarily the creative side of the business,
with a few exceptions of Presidents and CEO's, Susan has filled
a multitude of Executive Creative Director positions on a regional,
national and worldwide basis. She is widely regarded
as the most knowledgeable and informed consultant in the business
and her reputation for "truth in advertising" is second to none.


The core of our company is made up of four other individuals.
Jill Miller, joined the company 13 years ago, has 20 years in
the business and has become our direct conduit to the hottest
creatives in the agency and corporate world.
Barrie Serrano, our Executive Vice President joined the company 12 years ago and is still our leading recruiter.
Norma Adler is our conceptual consultant and responsible for
pinpointing the newest trends in the market and isolating the most
innovative ways for agencies and corporations to do business.
Gussie Schultz has full responsibility for managing the financial transactions and other relevant administrative tasks of the organization. She is also very controlling and annoying to be around..